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Worlds End
[2015-09-16 0:00]

Well, that's it. I've finally done it. I've cancelled my World of Warcraft account.

Actually, I stopped really playing awhile ago and have just been logging in and puttering around for awhile. But it's all just become too... boring. I didn't even finish the latest expansion, which I purchased earlier this year (around the time of my last post, it seems).

This ends a run that started in 2007. So Blizzard did pretty well, getting eight years of subscription fees out of me, I guess.

Coincidentally, the Lord of the Rings Online (LoTRO) game is shutting down several of its worlds (servers) in an effort to consolidate. I still have an account with them because when I purchased the game years ago, they had a "lifetime account" option. It cost about the same as two-years of World of Warcraft but means I can play it for free for as long as it lasts. Granted, I haven't played that game much for awhile either, but I come back to it every few months.

Anyway, with LoTRO and the few games I have that I've never finished (like Dragon Age... the first one), I figure I still have enough time suckage to keep me busy until the next end of the world.


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